About Us

The Children of God Relief Institute  (COGRI) has three  activities spread across three separate projects, which  include Nyumbani orphanage/Children’s Home located in Karen, Nairobi, Lea Toto program in the Nairobi informal settlements, and Nyumbani Village in Kitui in Eastern province. Fundamentally, all the three activities care for children who are either infected with or affected by HIV including their care givers. The OVC are the primary beneficiaries of HIV/AIDS services that include counseling & testing, care and treatment and OVC care – education, nutrition, shelter and care, child protection, health, psychosocial support, and household economic strengthening. The care givers are secondary beneficiaries as they do not receive direct care and support from the program. The community is a tertiary beneficiary due to mobilization, sensitization and income generating activities that take place.

The Nyumbani Children Home/orphanage located in Karen was established in 1992 as the first hospice in Kenya for orphans or abandoned children that are HIV positive. The children are cared for and with efforts by competent staff tracing their roots, are later integrated back to the community with linkage through the Lea Toto program for continuum of care and treatment.

The Lea Toto program was initiated in 1998 as a community-based activity by which orphaned children remain with their caregivers in their communities. The Lea Toto program provides holistic care within the family setting for HIV-positive orphans. The support includes physical care, psychological support, and essential medical care. The program uses a community based approach that also enables the communities in the Nairobi informal settlement to identify and establish sustainable community strategies to address the needs of HIV-positive orphans and their families.