Psychosocial Support

Over the years COGRI has been successful in providing quality care to HIV positive children and their families. The overriding success is that the program has nurtured perinatal infected children to maturity. As needs of children differ depending on their ages and circumstances, COGRI anticipates that age appropriate emotional support, addressing disclosure, anticipatory grief and bereavement are challenges that will be responded to under this thematic area. Poor adherence among adolescents and school going children due to stigma, disclosure, sexuality and reproductive health education will also be enhanced.

The capacity of staff will be enhanced to transition adolescents to adult care services. This will ensure that approaches used to transfer relevant clinical information from pediatric to adult treatment sites are strengthened. COGRI will continue to be innovative as the number and the needs of this population are increasing and quite dynamic. Involving the adolescent in designing of activities that are aimed at responding to their various issues and needs will be prioritized.

Objective 3: To provide Psychosocial Support (PSS) to 8000, OVC and their households by the end 2017.

Below are DATIM achievements and targets 

PSS October to December 2015 January to March 2016 April to June 2016 July to  September 2016 October 15 to September 16 Target October 16 to September 17 Target
HTC Total 1287 1362     3033 5843
HTC POS 181 212     116 576
PMTC EID   69       101