Health care

COGRI’s Mission aims at improving the quality of life for HIV infected and affected children living in Nairobi’s informal settlements and in Kitui County so as to enable these children realize their potential and lead a fulfilling life. To accomplish this, COGRI facilitates a holistic process that involves support and access to comprehensive medical care as well as provision of Antiretroviral Drugs (ARVs). Through implementation of activities under this thematic area, COGRI will contribute towards increased access to quality health services as well as products and information. The National health sector guidelines and policies will be adhered to while implementing activities under this thematic area.

Objective : To facilitate the provision of high quality clinical and nursing care to 15, 120 (1, 2440 Nyumbani village and 13, 880 Lea Toto) OVC infected and affected children ever reached and counseling and testing to 75, 600 other community members by the end 2017

Below are DATIM achievements and targets.

Health Care October to December 2015 January to March 2016 April to June 2016 July to  Sep 2016 October 15 to September 16 Target October 16 to September 17 Target
Care Current   2915      3745  
Care _New 22 48     361   
TX_ Current   2668      3399 3387
TX_New 50 50     123  360 
Tb Screen 1264 2823     3399  3387
TB ART   25     102  26
TB Start 16 20     256  76