Lea Toto Deprts

Health care - Through implementation of activities under this thematic area, COGRI will contribute towards increased access to quality health services as well as products and information. The National health sector guidelines and policies will be adhered to while implementing activities under this thematic area.

  • Objective: To facilitate the provision of high quality clinical and nursing care to 15, 120 (1, 2440 Nyumbani village and 13, 880 Lea Toto) OVC infected and affected children ever reached and counseling and testing to 75, 600 other community members by the end 2017

Food and Nutrition - With more strengthening, the department will ensure age appropriate feeding; promotion of infant and young child nutrition, promote the uptake of good nutrition for other age groups, including the aged, and food security.

  • Objective: To facilitate provision of food to food insecure households and clinical treatment of malnutrition for 3800 OVC (Both infected and affected) by the end 2017

Psychosocial Support - COGRI will continue to be innovative as the number and the needs of this population are increasing and quite dynamic. Involving the adolescent in designing of activities that are aimed at responding to their various issues and needs will be prioritized.

  • Objective: To provide Psychosocial Support (PSS) to 8000, OVC and their households by the end 2017.

Social Support - This intervention will be compounded by instituting long term permanency planning for households thus enabling the targeted communities to be more involved in planning and implementation with sufficient ownership.

  • Objective: To provide Social Support services to at least 50% HIV infected and affected OVC with their families and enhance the existing capacity of the local communities to provide care and support to 8, 000 OVC and their families by the end 2017

Sustainability - Economic empowerment of the households enrolled in the program will be employed to help them develop a more sustainable source of livelihood and reduce dependency. 

  • Objective: To enhance the capacity of COGRI programs to engage in sustainable activities for continued care of HIV infected and affected OVC and their households by the end of 2017