Food and Nutrition

High rates of malnutrition among eligible antiretroviral therapy patients and emerging evidence on the significance of moderate and severe malnutrition as an independent predictor of mortality of people living with HIV/AIDS underline the need to scale up nutrition interventions. The Kenya nutrition and HIV/AIDS strategy 2011-2015 seeks to mainstream nutrition interventions by sensitizing policy makers about the critical role that food security and nutrition plays and advancing nutrition and HIV/AIDS as a priority on the health agenda. In recognition of this fact, COGRI has decided to have food and nutrition as a thematic area to address food and nutrition related issues for various cohorts. With more strengthening, the department will ensure age appropriate feeding; promotion of infant and young child nutrition, promote the uptake of good nutrition for other age groups, including the aged, and food security.

Objective 2: To facilitate provision of food to food insecure households and clinical treatment of malnutrition for 3800 OVC (Both infected and affected) by the end 2017